Yvan Iturriaga – Producer


Yvan Iturriaga was born in San Francisco, California, and spent his childhood border-crossing through Latin America, living in the extended Chilean exile community. Being always on the move made Yvan an avid observer with a unique worldview. He was often surrounded by adults discussing politics and remembering a distant home. Art and critical thinking replaced the tube, and so reality became entertainment. Constantly living in the undefined space between exile and return, surrounded by people with silenced, clandestine stories, Yvan developed an urge for storytelling that inspired him to become a filmmaker.

At age 14, he returned to the US, learned English, and graduated from Berkeley High School. He began his career at Occidental College in Los Angeles where, after flirting with Politics, Philosophy, and Diplomacy & World Affairs, Yvan realized that film was the ultimate tool for channeling his creative talents and his desire to unsettle mass audiences. After receiving a degree in Film and New Media in 2003, he worked as a cameraman for TV networks Telemundo and Univision, and as cameraman, assistant producer and editor for various independent projects including AdCorp, Inc. and Canto a lo Poeta.

In 2007, searching for more substance in filmmaking, Yvan left L.A. on a backwards pilgrimage to the Bay Area. Since then, he has directed and produced numerous short films, documentaries, commercial and music videos. Recent projects include production of The Storm That Swept Mexico, a two-hour PBS documentary on the Mexican Revolution, and episode six of the PBS series titled Latino Americans. Yvan also wrote and directed the narrative shorts Sui Generis and Beep, screened in over a dozen festivals worldwide. Most recently, he co-directed A Photographer’s Journey, a documentary about photographer Pedro E. Guerrero, schedued to air on PBS’s American Masters series in the fall of 2015.